Coaching Center

Counseling deals with pathology whereas coaching deals with potential. Prayer coaching by P. Douglas Small is designed to explore the principles and practices of prayer in three realms:

  • With individuals – enrich your own personal prayer life
  • With congregations – journey to become a house of prayer for the nations
  • With lay leaders in the marketplace – learn to pray and relate more effectively in the workplace

The task of transforming our churches into houses of prayer demands more than passive materials and teaching. Pastors and developing prayer teams need someone to walk alongside them and help in the stages of the transformation of the church to a house of prayer.

Personal Prayer Coaching

Assistance in exploring and confirming prayer ideas and practices for:

  • Believers interested in deepening and changing both their understanding and practice of prayer.
  • Couples wanting to better understand prayer and integrate the practice of prayer more fully into their marriage and family life.
  • Pastors and prayer leaders who want to more fully grasp Doug’s approach to personal and congregational prayer.
  • Pastors and marketplace leaders who want a better grasp on the proliferation of prayer into the seams of city-life! What is the relationship of prayer to city-reaching? To the marketplace? What are the Ezra-Esther-Nehemiah streams?
  • Small groups. This can be a group of believers, pastors, a congregation, an executive team, a group of pastors/leaders from a movement. An introduction into a wide variety of prayer principles.

Project Pray University offers a 7 session course in Level 1 and Level 2 of Personal Prayer Coaching.

Congregational Prayer Coaching

This is ‘more’ than adding prayer to the current model. The goal is to assist the congregation to become a praying-missional congregation. Levels of congregational prayer coaching include:

  • Prayer Meeting Outside Eyes Evaluation – We observe your congregational prayer meeting and give you pointers about positive changes you can make. Is it balanced? Can it be more effective?
  • Consultation – Request a studied appraisal of the current state of the prayer ministry of your congregation. Receive clarity in considering the next steps in your eff orts in becoming a house of prayer for the nations and assistance with a self-assessment, guided evaluation followed by a comprehensive next-steps report (30-90 day process).
  • Prayer Leadership Coaching – Receive assistance with developing your prayer vision and mission, philosophy of prayer ministry in broadening your prayer theology. A comprehensive approach. Distance and on-site options available.
Project Pray University provides various resources for congregational prayer coaching including forums, evaluations, and audio conferencing.

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