Praying Church Movement

Join a Prayer Community!

Motivate and mobilize your congregation toward deeper levels of prayer.

  • THE MOVEMENT: A network of local prayer leaders who are on a journey to bring prayer to the heart of all they do.
  • THE PURPOSE: To encourage, challenge, inspire, and resource believers as they seek to motivate and mobilize their church toward deeper levels of prayer.
  • THE MISSION: To connect prayer leaders with something bigger than themselves, such as, national prayer initiatives, The Prayer Trainers Network, Prayerborne – Intercessor’s Alliance, etc.

As a Premier Member of The Praying Church Movement, you can access monthly bonus content including:

  • 10 Fresh Resources each Month
  • Teachings on the subject of prayer and church prayer ministry
  • Training resources – practical steps to implement the prayer process directed toward pastors, prayer leaders, or prayer learning teams
  • Tools resources that illustrate prayer initiatives to practice prayer
  • Question and answer sessions

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Last modified: Friday, 8 February 2019, 2:09 PM