We seek to train a prayer army to join the rising tide of voices inviting God and His Kingdom to the earth for the final harvest.

Did you know that no college or university has a leadership, training track for prayer pastors or coordinators? That most schools do not even have a class emphasizing prayer for pastors and church leaders?

Project Pray University offers prayer training around the world.

This Virtual Online Training Center will provide resources for:

  • The Praying Church Movement. Project Pray University will resource almost a thousand congregations that are now members of the Praying Church Movement.
  • The Prayer Trainer’s Network. Congregational prayer teams will be connected through the University for ongoing prayer training. Prayer Teams will learn the purpose of prayer, implement the process and equip their people.
  • Discipleship Program. Through the University, this program will provide the learning track for prayer principles and prayer leadership strategies. The program cognitively and experientially trains leaders for prayer leadership, teaching and training, as well as prayer mobilization. The University website will include message boards, forums and surveys. Training modules will include assignments, quizzes and evaluations.
  • Schools of Prayer. Registered participants can attend our Schools of Prayer, receive certification training and access valuable prayer resources. Those who attend a live School of Prayer can complete the course on the website as well. The University will speed up training and certification for Associate Presenters for our various Schools of Prayer, resulting in multiple presenters active across the nation serving in different places and denominational streams.
  • Coaching Center. Personal Prayer Coaching and Congregation Prayer Coaching and Consultations will be offered through Project Pray University.
  • Alive Publications. The University Bookstore will be a virtual library of prayer articles, books, videos, teaching and study guides.
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